Music investing for everyone

Encore gives retail investors access to digital streaming royalties previously available only to industry insiders or institutional funds
  • Start with as little as €1
  • The largest investable music asset catalogue
  • No lengthly certification, deposit and withdrawal procedures. Just one integration with your bank account.
  • A level playing field for artists and retail investors alike

Am I buying shares from Encore or from the artist directly?

The artist. Encore simply facilitates the primary exchange of shares and handles all following payout disbursement.

Why would an artist sell me a portion of their shares?

Raise money: Artists may need cash to invest in new releases today. Instead of waiting for years to collect money from older releases, Encore allows them to collect up cash up front by selling a share of future revenues.

Marketing: The more "shareholders" in a song, the more people involved in marketing the song in order to increase the number of streams and subsequent revenue. By selling a % of a song, artists are able to create a bespoke "marketing team" that is truly invested in a campaign's success.

How are prices determined?

The share price is determined by the artist. The valuation must fall within a range set by Encore in order to   ensure financial sanity and protect both artists and investors.

What am I buying a share in when investing?

You're buying a share of the song's digital streaming revenues (payouts from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.). If you own 1% a share, then Encore will deposit 1% of the songs earnings into your account each month. Unless your stake is sold to a different investor, your ownership is perpetual and will not expire, meaning you have the right to receive a % of all future earnings paid.

For example:
If you own 1% of a song that has generated 100,000 streams last month at a rate of €0.004/stream, we would deposit €4 into your account, calculated as such: 0.01 * 100,000 * €0.004 = €4

Am I buying royalties?

No. As an investor, you're buying the right to receive future revenues derived from master royalties - not the underlying royalties.

Royalty transfer is a lengthy and expensive process that adds no value to both the artist or investor.

Our royalty derivative on the other hand, allows you to invest as little as €1, transfers in real-time and incurs no transaction costs.

How do I receive my share of earnings?

Simply connect your bank account. Once your account is connected, Encore will automatically deposit funds into your account whenever a payout event occurs. You should typically expect one monthly deposit for each song you've invested in but keep in mind some songs pay on a quarterly basis (as indicated in the song's asset page).

Supported banks:

Keep in mind that we're continuously adding more banking partners within the UK and EU, so if you don't see your bank just yet, don't worry! we'll be there soon.

Bank of Ireland
Allied Irish Bank
Tesco Bank
ABN Amro

When do I get paid on my investment?

Typically on a monthly basis but some songs process payouts on a quarterly basis (as indicated in the song's asset page). Encore will forward streaming payments to investors as soon as those are received from the song's corresponding distribution company (indicated in the song's asset page).

Which countries is Encore available in?

For investors (EU+UK): Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

For record-labels and artists: Available worldwide

Does Encore guarantee a return on my investment?

No. You invest at your own discretion without any guarantees. In theory, a song may never generate any streams and therefore produce no revenue for all investors (including the artist himself). While music does present great investment opportunities, predicting commercial success is difficult and you should therefore exercise caution when investing.